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19 October 2010

Make Track, travel book.

Make Track:  A new round the world travel guide book.
By South African, Neill Schrenk.
Printed 2010.


A hands on travel guide, filled with savvy backpacker fact's and
  independent travel advice:-
 - How to avoid mistakes
 - Packing and kit idea's
 - Travel survival tips

After my round the world trip, I wanted to share the
experiences and lessons learnt with others and inspire,
both young and old to grow through travel.

My, Columbia, bought in 1990

Make tracks, around the globe.

"Happiness is a direction....  not a place."

Make tracks around the world, with the Make Track
travel handbook, by Neill Schrenk.

The book is packed with inspirational travel idea's,
 rule's, tips and facts. The travel book to get you going.
 - Improve your travel IQ.
 - Become a globetrotting backpacker.