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12 January 2014

The Desert Tour. Self drive Karoo and Namibia, Dec 2013

South Africa and Namibia. Dec 2013, We took a road trip through the Great Karoo to the
Kalahari and then to the Namib Desert and Fish River Canyon.
A photographers dream.

                              Above, the Namib Desert near Aus, Namibia.

                                          Ja, it's real...   a commune just south of Upington

                                         Above, Fish River Canyon, lunch time.

                                                               Karoo jacuzzi, Williston

The dirt roads in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Nat Park and in Namibia
are generally great.                   Wow!,. its hot.
Only once you've felt the 'real heat' here do you have true respect
for the region and the people who survive there.
The swimming pools in most of campsites, saved us.

Around the world in Rocky Sandals. Travel kit #10

I bought my first pair of Rocky Sandals in South Africa, 1992
They've lasted over 20 years and have walked with them in over 25 countries.

1st pair on the left, now finished.   The new pair (right)  R360.00  in 2013

They may be called 'Aqua sandals' and I used them in mud, water etc.
Great for hiking. Very light and they dry quick.