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07 April 2011

Food - A journey of taste, South Africa.

"Food is one of the most important aspects of travel."

'Food is the foundation of a culture and defines a country.'
So, always make a effort to taste local/National foods in each country you visit.
There are may countries where 'the highlight' is the food.

Some National food's of South Africa:-

If you have not tasted 'pap'
you cannot say you have
been to South Africa.
It's like going to China
and not eating rice!

Pap (maize meal) is the staple food of South Africa
and the staple food for many other countries in Africa.

Biltong, dried meat
Boerewors, sausage
It's sad how may tourists I've met, that did not
taste the 'real local' food while in South Africa.
When you travel, be adventurous and try new things, like a 'Bunny Chow'.
Check out the complete South African National SA food list in a post, above this.
Pap & wors with sauce

Backpacker travel food.

 A backpacker eats cheap -to be able to see and do more.

The backpacker staple - Baked beans.Cheap, quick, no cooking needed, ready to eat meal.

The best.

When travelling, ask a local to show you the food
that they eat and give it a try.

When on the road always keep an eye for:
-Places where local's eat
-The 'soup of the day' in restaurants
-Happy hour and pub specials
-Back street cafe's and hidden tavern's
-All you can eat buffet's

Fact: An average person spends 6 years of their life eating.