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31 May 2011

Backpacker travel gear. Kit idea's post No.3.

"What you carry with you, reflects the way you travel."

International travel rule No7:- Buy your 'kit/stuff' only on sales.
(Buy the way, very expensive kit also gets damaged when on the road.)

In France I found a great outdoor/camping shop called
Decathlon. These prices are from May 2011.

A 50Liter backpack for 50.95Euro. A 60L for 60.95Euro

The ultimate tent: -2 Man, 'one pole only', weight 2kg. Only 90 Euros.

A good raincoat/all in one jacket for 14.95Euro

A tent can help you save on accommodation cost's in expensive countries.

13 May 2011

Europe is hard to beat

When it comes to history and culture, it's hard to rival Europe.
'Mindblowing' is the best word to describe the overall experience.

Fortified city of Carcassone, France

Inside the Vatican

The high speed trains are scary.

St Peter's Square, Vatican

One has to mention the food.
Food is a major part of culture.
Cheese, Basque region

Catalan delicacies



Wow, and we thought we know about 'meat' in South Africa.

One section in a supermarket in Andora

Back from Europe

Just arrived back in South Africa, from Europe.
Did 5 Countries in 24 days. April/May 2011
- Italy, Vatican City
- France, Spain and the beautiful small tax free Andorra.

  Europe = History around every corner.

Carcassonne, France  

Only 2.00euros a photo, the Colosseum, Rome



Inside the Vatican