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Backpacker Tips - How to save.

Travel is not cheap.

The travel rule is:
"For your trip, you will always have to 'double' the amount of money,
that you think you going to need."

-Minimize debt and cut out luxuries
-Save and invest your money.
-Buy your 'travel kit' on sales.
-Never sell your car before you go travel.
-You only need a small basic camera for travel.
(My big expensive camera got damaged 'in its bag' on a bus in Asia.
I paided $150.00AUSD to get it fixed.)

A Round the world trip example only.

-Learn to budget.
-Check out last minute stand-by flights on the Internet
-Make sure your luggage is not overweight.
-Learn to bargain.
-Camping can save costs.

-Local/Public transport is cheapest.
-A 'Rail Pass' can offer great value.
-Check charity/2nd hand shops for cheap clothes etc.
-A ISIC, student card can get you a lot of discounts.
-Always keep an eye for specials and sales
-Buy food in local markets
-Simple hand washing is cheaper than Laundry mats.
-Don't feel you have to do every 'activity' in everyplace.
-Check airport duty free shops and the tax back deals.