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29 June 2011

Make Track - Backpacker travel kit idea's. Rule No 5...

Travel rule No 5:
- "Never travel with stuff you can't afford to lose".

Your backpack is your home, so a good backpack is important.
Your kit must never be to flashy, you don't want to attract attention.

My backpack is a 70L Backpacker Co, Columbia.
Made in South Africa. 20 years old, still strong and used on every trip.

Some stuff you don't really need on a round the world trip:
- Electric shaver
- Leave the make up and jewellery at home
- Beach towel (A sarong is best, light and dries quick.)
- Shaving foam/cream (Normal soap works just as well.)
- Water filter (Generally, I boiled the water.)
- Small propane stove

16 June 2011

Important to have a 'Home Base'.

Travel is a journey of self discovery.
Learning what you what in life and where you what to settle down.
Where do you want to settle down/ put in your roots?
Every traveller needs a 'Home Base'. A place to call home.

Small cottage, cost R70,000 to build.

Putting in 'roots' does not mean its the end of the world.
Try not be a Renter your whole life, living in someone
else's house. Owning your 'own place' does not mean you are
stuck, its actually the opposite. You are free and not out like a
renter who could be out on the street tomorrow.
Having your 'own place' means you are still free to travel
and have a place to come back to that's yours.
Invest first - travel will always be there.

Independant/ Budget travel now easy.

'The magic of travel is, it takes you out of your comfort zone'

Small clothing shop with Internet café

There are many reason and factors that make independant travel easier now
than ever before...

For example:

- Money changing offices and banks very accessible
- ATM/ Cash machines in most places
- Debit cards/ Visa accepted almost everywhere
- Local buses and shuttles to every attraction
- Internet access and WiFi almost everywhere
- Hostels/ Backpacker accommodation now more prevalent than before
- Day trips are booked by hostels to anywhere
- There are 'Hop on, hop off' buses in many countries
- Most major airports around the world offer cheap shuttles/buses to and
  from the airport

09 June 2011

What to pack? - Travel kit post 4.

You are what you carry. Being prepared is important.

There are some things backpackers can never be without.
An espresso coffee maker like this, is a luxury.
You don't really need, but: - Its small, 2 cups
        - Not heavy and goes on an open fire or stove
        - Carrying your own tea/coffee can save you alot.

Stuff which comes in handy when on the road:
- A sense of humor
- Plastic passport cover
- Travel, neck pillow(blow-up type), for planes and buses
- Duck tape
- Toothbrush cover
- A wash line and 10 pegs
- Travel plug