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29 June 2011

Make Track - Backpacker travel kit idea's. Rule No 5...

Travel rule No 5:
- "Never travel with stuff you can't afford to lose".

Your backpack is your home, so a good backpack is important.
Your kit must never be to flashy, you don't want to attract attention.

My backpack is a 70L Backpacker Co, Columbia.
Made in South Africa. 20 years old, still strong and used on every trip.

Some stuff you don't really need on a round the world trip:
- Electric shaver
- Leave the make up and jewellery at home
- Beach towel (A sarong is best, light and dries quick.)
- Shaving foam/cream (Normal soap works just as well.)
- Water filter (Generally, I boiled the water.)
- Small propane stove

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