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10 March 2011

How to count the number of countries you've seen?

How many countries you have been to or seen?
          - A common question traveler's get asked.

There are a few different rules:
-Travelling with parents when you were 1-5 years old, does it really count?
 (Do you really know where you were at that age?)

-'In-Transit' at airports does not count.
-Must stay a minimum of 24hrs/ one whole day in a country.

Kathmandu, Nepal

-Don't forget to add your own country to your list of countries you have seen.

- The Travelers Century Club (TCC) in the USA, have there own rules.
   They count 320 territories in the world.
   The United Nations recognizes only 197 countries in the world today.
   Territories do not really count.

- Once you have been to 100 countries, you can officially join the elite '100 Club'.
   Also called The TCC. They are based in the USA.
For proof that you have been to 100 countries around the world,
They want Passports with all the Passport immigration stamps as proof.
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