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Tips to Maximise your trip.

There are 25 empty pages in a passport just waiting,
 to be filled with stamps and visa's.

200 Countries waiting to be explored.

-Travel light to move quick
-Try be independent and don't rely to much on a
  travel company (Do your own itinerary).
-Try sleep and travel cheap, to be able to see and eat more.
-Remember you never really 'lost' - Just seeing new places.
-Check out ride/lift opportunities in the hostel,
  before you book a bus ticket.
-Try not go to the same place all the time.
 (Otherwise you never get to see new places)

-Go to a country where most have never been, eg: Kazakhstan
-If you fly in to one country, try visit neighbouring countries
  (So you don't fly out, having seen only 1 country)
-On a road trip, try do a circular route to see more.
-Plan trips during 'low season' = cheaper
-Ask a local to show you their food and local places.
 (You will learn and see more in a few hours with a local,
   than a week on your own.)