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01 April 2013

Be prepared. Every traveller should have..... Kit ideas No.#9

"The better prepared you are, the more enjoyable your trip."

Every traveller should have a small First Aid Kit and a small Sewing kit.
That said, I've meet many young guys who can't sew a simple button on a shirt.

No picture of a sewing kit with a small pair of scissors.
WHY?   They get confiscated at most airports by airport security.

(Airports around the world have 'tons' of confiscated scissors /Swiss Army knives.)

NB: Check what you are allowed to carry on you, in your carry-on bag and
in your check-in bag when flying.

It's important to have your own small First Aid kit.
Tip:- Don't buy a first aid kit. Make one-up one your own.

-Every car owner should have jumper cables and a strong tow rope in their car. 
 Most people don't.

I respect the 'Preppers and Survivalists', laugh at them if you will, but they are
organised and have half a plan, which is more than most of us can say.

How many of us have a 'Bug out bag' or a '72hr emergency kit' in your home?
This is the ONE bag you grab when there is a fire/emergency etc.

International Red Cross, Fact 2013In disaster situations world wide,
it takes an ave of 72 hours before a rescue team can get to you.

Check-out sites like 'Bug out' and 'SHTF.'

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