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01 April 2013

To 'check-in' your luggage or not? Kit idea No. #8

I'm looking into the idea of flying with 'carry-on' luggage
only and not having any 'check-in' luggage at all.
Please note that rules and laws do change.

For carry-on luggage on international long distance flights
you are allowed to also have a laptop bag and a hand bag with you.
Check out a site called, for some good ideas.

The best size carry-on backpack would be about 45liters or less.
Any larger and it will not comply with the 'carry-on' measurements

Though it is true that stuff from your 'carry-on' luggage is also
 stolen, in the airport, at security or even during the flight.

FACT: A report from leading air carriers shows that:-
- An ave of 1 in 3 passengers on every flight will have
  their 'check-in bags' lost, pilfered or damaged.

There are some problems with having only 'carry-on' luggage.
- Every airline has different 'carry-on' rules.
- Each airport has a different set of security rules.

Prohibited items you may not take in your 'carry-on' bag: -
-NO bottles of water
-No gel-insoles in your shoes
-NO matches, nail file, multi-tool, scissors
-NO small pocket knife, pliers, tools or screwdrivers
-NO liquids or gels or toothpaste over 100ml
  all liquids/gels must be stored in clear 100ml containers,
  kept in a 'clear zip plastic bag' and then security checked at customs.
(You are responsible to make sure you have the clear zip bag.)

-You are allowed to carry large sewing/knitting needles. (Weird...)
-Oh, you may carry your own spoon and fork.

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