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Travel alone vs. Travel with a partner

"There ain't surer way to find out whether you like people
  or hate them, than to travel with them." - Mark Twain

There are many pros and cons for each case:-

 -Many people can never travel alone = WEAK
 -Many love travelling alone = Strong, tough and independent people.
 -Travelling with a partner, is not easy
 -Its hard to find the 'perfect travel partner'
 -Yes, it's easier for guys to travel alone, but there are many
   tough, strong girls out there, that travel alone
 -Travel is the best, true 'relationship test'
 -Your best friend, can be the worst and most terrible travel partner
 -Many couples travel very well together and many end up
   fighting the whole trip and nearly 'killing' each other

Travellers with experience, know that one seldom travels alone,
because you always meet other travellers going in the same direction
- so you may start out alone, but then you make friends/team up as 'travel buddies'.

So, remember the real travel theory is:  "You are never really alone when you travel."