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28 February 2011

Riaan Manser in a freezer.

Riaan Manser behind the glass, in a Freezer for his Iceland canoe trip.

Riaan Manser, solo canoe around Madagascar.

Neill meets Riaan Manser

Today I met Mr Riaan Manser in a freezer. We had a long chat. He's living in a freezer for a few days, to practice for his trip around Iceland. Truly one of the "ultimate modern day adventurers". My hero and proudly South African. An inspiration to all. Check
He now has his own copy of  Make Track.

21 February 2011

The 'Make Track' round the world travel book.

Maximize your travel experience.


I kept a diary during my travels around the world and once I got home,
I decided to get all my rough notes together and put it all into a simple,
easy to read travel guide for both young and old.

-Packed with real 'hands-on' backpacker travel tips and advice.
-A 'travel starter-kit' to get you going and will help you maximise your
 travel experience.

Published and printed in South Africa 2010.
Selling price $16.00USD / 15.00euros (Excluding postage.)

Special offer on the CD, pdf version now:  8.00USD/ 8.00euros

To get a copy or if you have any questions.

14 February 2011

Travellers 'wet' behind the ears.

Another 22year old University student/volunteer arrives in Africa
from Europe and did not pack a raincoat.
A raincoat is on every travel pack-list in the world.
-They thought it never rains in South Africa.
A good rain jacket is important not only for the rain,
but also for warmth and as wind breaker. Helpful so you don't get sick.
We work in the rain.
Remember the motto - 'Be prepared'
Check 'what to pack' list's in any good travel guide or travel website

09 February 2011

What to pack? Travel kit tips post No.1.

What to pack?

The ultimate light travel tent - One pole only! A Coleman.

Note:Below is a rough RTW backpacking pack list mainly summer months.
If you are planned a RTWT to countries in the winter months, you will require extra clothing.                                                                                                       

The basic travel pack list:-
-Travel documents                -Large backpack
-Small daypack                     -Wallet/money pouch         
-Camera                                -A lighter
-Alarm clock + Torch           -Hat and Beanie                          
-Extra batteries/Charger        -Socks + Underwear
-Raincoat                               -Sarong + Sunglasses
-Belt                                       -Shirts (Long +short sleeve)
-Trousers + Shorts                  -Swimwear
-Running shoes/Boots            -Vests
-Sandals                                  -A Multi tool
-Sleeping bag                          -Travel mug, plate, spoon
-Ground mat                            -Watch and pen 

-Toiletries in separate bag
-First Aid Kit
-Sewing Kit