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09 February 2011

What to pack? Travel kit tips post No.1.

What to pack?

The ultimate light travel tent - One pole only! A Coleman.

Note:Below is a rough RTW backpacking pack list mainly summer months.
If you are planned a RTWT to countries in the winter months, you will require extra clothing.                                                                                                       

The basic travel pack list:-
-Travel documents                -Large backpack
-Small daypack                     -Wallet/money pouch         
-Camera                                -A lighter
-Alarm clock + Torch           -Hat and Beanie                          
-Extra batteries/Charger        -Socks + Underwear
-Raincoat                               -Sarong + Sunglasses
-Belt                                       -Shirts (Long +short sleeve)
-Trousers + Shorts                  -Swimwear
-Running shoes/Boots            -Vests
-Sandals                                  -A Multi tool
-Sleeping bag                          -Travel mug, plate, spoon
-Ground mat                            -Watch and pen 

-Toiletries in separate bag
-First Aid Kit
-Sewing Kit

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