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26 March 2016

Amazing tourist accommodation ideas.

                          Different types of accommodation for tourists.
                          These are not just ideas, they really exist.

Wigwam Motel, USA

No Mans Fort, England

The Sun-Ship Hotel, South Korea

The Crane-hotel, Amsterdam

13 March 2016

Some 'travel headaches' will encounter when visiting other countries.

Travel problems
Here are just some 'headaches' one would experience when travelling around the world.


- 12 different wall plugs in use around the world!

- Driving on the other side of the road, can be difficult for many.

-Your cellphone may not work in a another country and you have change network
  and change you SIM card.

 -In most remote areas of many countries, there is no cellphone signal at all.

-The sizes of clothes and shoes are different in most countries.
  For example: A large T-shirt in France is a medium in South Africa

Let us know of some of the travel problems, you came across.

05 March 2016

Travel gadgets. Kit ideas No. 11

There are some great travel gadgets out there today.

The Sfork. Made in Sweden

The Sfork. The ultimate camping utensil. A knife, fork and spoon, all in one.
My Sfork goes everywere with me.

Credit card thin, Rolson survival multi-tool

Travel 'savings tips' Post No. 2

On the road:

1# In many places at backpacker hostels, a double room is cheaper
     than a single room or even a dorm bed. If you share it with a friend.

2# When eating in a restaurant with fellow travellers,
      they will always say, "Just pay in what you've had."
      or they also like saying, "Oh, we'll just split the bill at the end."

    Fact: This just sounds good, but does not really work.
    E.g:-You had 2 beers and someone else had 2 bottles of wine.
        -Many people forget what they had, so they put in less.
        -Most don't consider the tip at the end for the waiter.
        -Many get drunk and even leave without paying.

    To avoid all this, I pay as you go or have a separate bill.