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Planning a gap year?

"Life isn't about finding yourself,
 life is about creating yourself" -George Bernard Shaw

Keurbooms beach, South Africa

Many see a gap year as the only opportunity they will ever
have of going overseas, before they become a slaves to there
A gap year should be seen as a practice session.

Yes, travel is the best education and a gap year is a great way
  to learn about the world, its people and yourself. - Its also
  common for older adults to take 'mid-career' gap's.

Each persons situation is different: -
-The ave student actually has no money to travel
-For most, a gap year is just a paid holiday using parents
-A gap year should be used to get work experience
-Try work and save for your studies during a gap year.
-Try never to have any debt
-Use a gap year to see your own country, its good training.
-Focus on your career, plan properly, there's no rush,
  the world will still be there.

As a student, try invest in assets and save for a real round the
world adventure and then do it properly!

A 'gap year', should not mean, that this is the only time you'll
 ever going get a chance to travel.