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07 March 2011

Travel health tips and beautiful toilets.

When you travel you see some scary toilets and you have to be ready
at all times to squat in some terrible conditions.
There is now a book on toilets around the world.
'Blog,  Toilets of the World. The Book.'
Many travelers think of the idea, but never do it.  Well done.

A beautiful long drop with a view. Straight into the villages drinking water.

International backpacker Rule No #12 = Always keep 2x toilet rolls
and 1.5 litter bottle of drinking water in your small daypack at all times.
(A bottle of water is not allowed on flights now.)

Travel health TIPS:
-One of the reasons many people get sick, is they 'wipe' with their left hand,
rubbing only with some cold water and that's it.
(So, no toilet paper and hello.. no soap to wash your hands properly.)
-Just basic hygiene, making sure you wash your hands and your
utensils properly can reduce your risk by over 70%.

-Get those 4/6 species of worms out of your gut.
Buy some worm tablets at the chemist.- Deworm yourself every 6 months.

-Check the vaccine requirements for each country
-Learn to monitor your own body.

-Please learn to swim. - It's scary how many people can't swim.
To be a proficient swimmer, means you are able to cover 200m in the water.

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