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09 June 2011

What to pack? - Travel kit post 4.

You are what you carry. Being prepared is important.

There are some things backpackers can never be without.
An espresso coffee maker like this, is a luxury.
You don't really need, but: - Its small, 2 cups
        - Not heavy and goes on an open fire or stove
        - Carrying your own tea/coffee can save you alot.

Stuff which comes in handy when on the road:
- A sense of humor
- Plastic passport cover
- Travel, neck pillow(blow-up type), for planes and buses
- Duck tape
- Toothbrush cover
- A wash line and 10 pegs
- Travel plug

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7/04/2011

    Yes and it's also massive and takes up a lot of room in a rucksack. You dont need it


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