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16 June 2011

Independant/ Budget travel now easy.

'The magic of travel is, it takes you out of your comfort zone'

Small clothing shop with Internet café

There are many reason and factors that make independant travel easier now
than ever before...

For example:

- Money changing offices and banks very accessible
- ATM/ Cash machines in most places
- Debit cards/ Visa accepted almost everywhere
- Local buses and shuttles to every attraction
- Internet access and WiFi almost everywhere
- Hostels/ Backpacker accommodation now more prevalent than before
- Day trips are booked by hostels to anywhere
- There are 'Hop on, hop off' buses in many countries
- Most major airports around the world offer cheap shuttles/buses to and
  from the airport

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6/29/2011

    Great tips, thanks. Iam planning a 15 country RTW trip in Nov 2011.


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