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16 June 2011

Important to have a 'Home Base'.

Travel is a journey of self discovery.
Learning what you what in life and where you what to settle down.
Where do you want to settle down/ put in your roots?
Every traveller needs a 'Home Base'. A place to call home.

Small cottage, cost R70,000 to build.

Putting in 'roots' does not mean its the end of the world.
Try not be a Renter your whole life, living in someone
else's house. Owning your 'own place' does not mean you are
stuck, its actually the opposite. You are free and not out like a
renter who could be out on the street tomorrow.
Having your 'own place' means you are still free to travel
and have a place to come back to that's yours.
Invest first - travel will always be there.

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