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21 July 2011

Make tracks, road trip idea.

Be adventurous, plan a road trip.
An overland road trip is the 'best' way to see a country
and one of the most rewarding ways to travel.
When staying in a country for a while, one option is to buy an
old a car and be really 'independent'.
Drive across the country for 2/4 months and sell it again.
The trip will be unique.


Eg: In the USA its possible to buy a 'classic runner' for
       less than +- $2500USD.

Travel challange: - try drive the whole 'Route 66'.
End of the trip, sell the car back to the dealer, or scrap yard.
One can even give the car to charity.

It can cost +- $1000.00USD just to rent a car for one week.
The USA is just an example.
It can be South Africa, Australia,etc.
Use hostel notice boards, offer rides and they pay for the gas.

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