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20 November 2016

Tourists going to South Africa for holiday. What are the things to buy and bring home with you?

Indian Spice Market, Durban

If you're a tourist arriving in South Africa with Dollars, Pounds or Euro's,
take full advantage of the exchange rate.  It's in your favour..
Yes, it depends what you like, but generally things are cheaper for you
in South Africa.

For example:
-Cigarettes at a supermarket or at the 'Airport Duty Free' are much cheaper
  than in Europe.
-Gold and diamond Jewelry.
-Buy the world famous Krugerrands. A gift that keeps on growing...

-African art and curios. (There are many African craft markets)
-The ostrich leather products (shoes, bags, wallets etc)
-Spices at a Indian spice market or in any large supermarket are good value.
-Witblits, Mampoer, Amarula Cream Liqueur and many other liqueurs.
-South Africa has some of the best Brandy in the world.
-Supermarkets have the best prices for bottles of wine
-Dried fruit and nuts  (Try visit a Fruit and Veg City shop)
-Biltong, Droewors (Dried meat)
-CD's, Music, Dvd's. (Big music shops, Musica or Look & Listen.)
-Basic medication, eg: Strepsils, cold and flu tablets, etc, are cheaper

Fact: One song on iTunes in South Africa costs around R9.20
 on iTunes in France you pay 1.20euros for one song.
You are paying around R19.00 a song... in France.

Happy holidays!

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