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08 August 2011

Africa overland

You don't need a 4x4.
I drove though 6 countries in Africa in a old 84' Ford Escort.
Don't forget that an 'old VW Beetle' has
driven from Cape Town to Cairo, with no GPS!
It's now generally tared roads from Nairobi to Cape town.

Augrabies falls, N. Cape, South Africa

Social birds nest, Kalahari

- Plan your route.
- Get used to the local 'rules of the road'.
- Fill up your tank at every opportunity.
- You can 'selfdrive' in many major Nat. Parks.
  (e.g: the Kruger Park has 2300km's of road you can use.)
- Border crossings can be tough/challenging
  (Ave 2 hours at border crossings)

Must have: - Correct car papers
                   - Good maps + extra water
                   - Jumper cables
                   - Tow rope (extra strong and long)
                   - First Aid kit
                   - Basic tools + Spares
                   - 2 x Red triangles
Check out: www.cape2cairo in a beach buggy.

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