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24 August 2011

World facts.(Blog post no.2) Build your general knowledge.

Build your general knowledge.

Mt Everest

- Highest mountain in the world?  Mt Everest
- The number of corpses found on Mt Everest?  120 bodies
- The tallest mountain in the world, (base to summit)?
    Mt Mauna Kea, Hawaii

- The worlds highest international airport?  La Paz, Bolivia
- Highest country in the world?    Lesotho
- Lowest country in the world?     Holland
- Largest Continent in the world?   Asia
- Largest country in Africa?     Algeria
- The USA is larger in size, than China.
- Brazil is larger in size, than Australia.
- Most isolated, secretive country in the world?    North Korea
- Least densely populated country in the world?  Mongolia

- Largest spectator sport in the world?  NASCAR, USA
- The warmest sea in the world?   Persian Gulf
- The Ave human eats 35 tons of food in their lifetime.
- The worlds largest wine producer?    Italy
- The worlds largest gold producer?    China
- China is the worlds largest 'trading' nation, 2014, the USA dropped
   to No2 position.

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