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06 September 2011

Travel safely tips.

Safety and security when travelling is important!

Fact:- On holiday, the biggest risks is 'you'.

- Over 50% of injuries/ problems when travelling are self-inflicted
   and could be totally avoided.

 -Ignorance is dangerous
 -On holiday one tends to do silly things
 -Taking part in risky activities

Please don't go for a hike on the Iran/ Iraq border and try not plan a
hike on the North Korea/South Korea border.
-Be sensible and stay clear of war zones.

Safety Tips during travel:
- Be sensible
- Know your limits
- Hide your camera
- Dress plainly
- Lock what you can in the safe
- No jewelery
- Don't attract attention
- Use a money belt

While travelling, be aware of:
-Fellow travellers (70% of theft in hostels are your fellow travelers.)
-Spiked drinks
-Bogus cop's

Check the book:  'Around the world in 80 Scams' by Peter John

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