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01 February 2012

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance. Do you really need it?

                                 Travel without it, may be risky.

Most say it's important to have travel insurance.
Lonely Planet recommend travel insurance.
And we all wish, we never have to really use it.

The bad aspect:  The 'Bad' traveller
The truth is, one reason we pay alot, is because of all the bogus
/false claims that the insurance companies have to deal with
 from 'bad travellers'. It is weird that there are so many people
out there that feel they must make a claim, (a false one) during
or after there trip.

Fact: -When travelling, the chance of illness and your
           risks, increase by 50%.

There are many companies, all offering different 'cover'
options, out there today. So, do some research.
Your local medicare, does not cover you in other countries.
Many countries, now require you to have health/ medical
travel insurance, before you may enter.

- It offers peace of mind, that you are covered
   in an emergency, on/during your trip.
-Medical costs in a foreign country can be very costly.
  Check at your bank, they offer a 'Top Up' cover
  on top of your normal cover.
-There is also 'special backpacker' round the world
  travel insurance available for a whole year.

Basic cover: - medical expenses
                     - 24hr emergency evacuation

Other options:- baggage cover, camera, passport
                       - car rental accident (not covered)
                       - extreme sports (not covered)

What are you covered for?

Oh yes.. and don't forget to make sure your tetanus shot
is up to date. Once every 10 years for adults.

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  1. Travellers should never underestimate the value of having travel insurance. Thanks for the valuable reminder in this post.


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