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02 March 2012

The complete list of South African National foods.

"Travelers always make an effort to taste the
local, 'national' foods in each country they visit".

South Africa's National, unique foods:

-Pap (maize meal -  'the staple food')
-Baboetie (meat and egg dish)
-Bunny Chow (bread and stew)
-Boerewors (sausage)
-Samp and Sugar beans (maize and beans)
-Marogu (African spinach)
-Vetkoek and Mince (bread and meat)
-Koeksister (sweet)
-Potjiekos (meat stew)
-Biltong (dried meat)
-Droe wors (dried meat)
-Sosaties (meat and fruit/ veg on a stick)
-Skilpadjies (lambs liver in net fat)
-Mielie brood (maize bread)
-Oma Rusks (dried bread)
-Milktart (sweet)
-Snoek with Apricot jam (local fish)
-Peppermint Crisp (chocolate, sweet)
-Chakalaka (sauce)
-Pronutro (maize and soya cereal)
-Pro Vita (bread/biscuits)
-Mrs. Ball's Chutney (sauce)
-Waterblommetjie stew (pondweed flowers with lamb)
-Rooibos Tea (drink)
-Rooster brood (grill bread)
-Mosbolletjies (bread made with fermented grape juice)
-Skuinskoek (sweet, sticky cookies)
-Mageu (fermented maize, drink)
-Amasi (sour milk, drink)
-Amarula (alcohol, Liqueur, drink)
-Appletizer (apple soft drink)
-Mampoer/ Witblitz (home made alcohol)
-Van Der Hum Liqueur (alcohol)
-Morvite (sorghum porridge)
-Guava Roll (rolled dried fruit)
-Monkey Gland Sauce (BBQ sauce and tomato sauce mixed , no monkeys used)

Add a comment, maybe I forgot a few items.

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