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02 July 2012

How green are you?

Green and Eco are 'new words' thrown around very easily today.
We all need to think of the environment and play our part at home and when we travel.

An 'off the grid' home with wind, solar and rain water tanks.

How green are you at home? -
-Are you off the grid or on the grid (dependant on Eskom)?

 People are appliance hungry, using a microwave,
 dishwasher, fridge and electric kettle, etc, We cannot build
 power stations fast enough to keep up with demand.

-Do you use a solar hot water heater or use an electric geyser?
 (Your electric geyser is around 40% of your electricity bill)

-Do you have a gas stove or cook with an electric stove?
-Are all your light bulbs in the house, energy saving bulbs?
-Do you have rain water harvesting tanks, to be less dependant on
 the chemical processed municipal water.

-Do you make sure you have no alien invasive plants on your property
 and only plant indigenous.(Indigenous plants use and need less water.)

-Do you have solar panels for electricity?

When you travel: - Green tips on the road are the same for at home.
-Leave only footprints behind. Walking is the best way to discover a place.
-Rent a bicycle
-Use less plastic and buy local
-Try recycle
-Use the same water bottle, and just refill it with tap or boiled water.
-Save water. Shower instead of bath
-Do a beach 'clean-up'
 (Smokers your cigarette butts belong in the bin)
-Eat less meat and seafood

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