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18 December 2012

To travel with a tent, or not? Travel kit idea No #7

Should I travel with a tent or not?

Carrying your own home on your back is not for everyone.

Its hard work and not so glamorous, but can be practical, especially in
expensive National parks or if you're in expensive countries.
-Backpackers try save on accom costs, so they have more money for seeing and
experiencing the country.

For example: -Many parts of South East Asia are very cheap,
          so you don't need a tent.
       - Australia, NZ and USA and Western Europe can be called 'expensive',
         so a tent  can you save money.
I travelled round the world with a small tent.

-VE's:- Can be a 'bit uncomfortable' (Hard stoney ground = Sore back.)
          - The weather is a 'Big factor'
          - Extra weight to carry
          - Your packing space is limited.
          - Location of sites (Sometimes there no campsites close by.)

+VE's: - The main benefit - Saves you money
             - Camping can be HALF the price of a bed in a hostel.
             - Allows you to have options.
E.g.-If you're stuck -  Just camp in the bush or park for free.

The Coleman Bedrock, 2 man, one pole tent. (Small and very light)  65.00Euro

- I recommend the Coleman Bedrock, 2 man, It weighs 2,5Kg.
The best, a tent with only one pole!  Perfect for the RTW traveler
 with space for your bag and smelly boots..

- If camping, you should have foam ground mat.

Don't waste your money on those 'self-inflating mats'.
(They get damaged, especially at the valve.)The army use the foam type.

- It's important to have a light, but warm sleeping bag.
You also use a sleeping bag in hostels as a blanket.

2012 Fact: - In a survey of out of 100 bedrooms at an average hotel, around
20 rooms were found to be infested with bedbugs.

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